Nokia 9 PureView to receive a camera update soon

Nokia 9 PureView started receiving the latest Android OS version that brought many improvements. However, many owners of the current flagship Nokia model noticed that the camera wasn’t upgraded. Nokia 9 PureView does have a pretty competent camera that can be manually set to create nice daylight and low light shots. Well, low light shots could definitely be improved and a propper night mode added to the camera app. We all hoped those two crucial updates will be incorporated in the latest OS upgrade, but Nokia Mobile has different plans. According to a tweet, Nokia Mobile is planning on releasing a separate update shortly specifically for the 9 PV camera. Nokia mobile didn’t reveal much about the content of the update, but it clearly said that it is worth the wait.

Well, I can just guess what will be improved with the new Camera app update, so it is better to wait till it is released. I know that the users of 9PV are a bit impatient, and I am too since that device opened a door into a new world of smartphone photography and it is deserving further investments.

Thanks Aleksandar for the tip 😉