Nokia has a special place at Mrwhosetheboss shelf

While I prefer Fridays, Sundays are also cool since I set my mind to maximum relaxation before the week begins. When you have kids, you will enjoy Mondays more than Fridays, which means that Sunday is just perfect. Anyway, there is not a lot of news coming from Nokia World, but I did find something. I was just checking DIY Perks and found a video of the dude making a super cool smartphone storing shelf for Mrwhosetheboss!

The shelf is rather interesting and the whole project includes CNC machines for some fancy woodwork, 3D printers and a bit of programming to make the final product. Mrwhosetheboss has a large collection of phones which is nothing out of the ordinary, but he has trouble keeping them organized and properly stored. Matt from DIY Perks did a nice job and designed a 3-meter long shelf that has the possibility of finding the phone Mrwhosetheboss is looking for.

The most interesting thing here is that while testing if the finding option works he searched for Nokia 9, and the system located it. It found HMD’s Nokia 9 PureView, but when working with every possible phone, finding a Nokia device means a lot to a Nokia fan and 9PV owner. Well, it is the last Nokia flagship after all. But, the flagship is a construct of a society 🙂

By the way, there is also Nokia 8.3 5G there on the shelf and I do hope that Nokia Mobile has enough investment power to make its successor.

Enjoy the video ;).