Wayne Spillett from Nokia Support Discussions is on Nokia Chronicles

The Aussie duo Adrian and Justin, those bloody beautiful bastards, have done it again. They broke the record of the Nokia Chronicles, and they did it with another ex-Nokia legend. Aussies brought Wayne Spillet to the show, a guy that was running or was responsible for Nokia Support Discussions. I don’t know any Nokia fan that hasn’t pilgrimed to the Discussion Forum. I remember Justin and Jimbo from the forum days. Nokia Mobile is trying hard to engage the community but the energy and the general feeling is not the same. Companies now are being more concerned with numbers and not the people.

Wayne used to work in Nokia Communications since 2007 and he brought many nice stories from the glorious days of Nokia. Back then Nokia wanted to be present in the community, trying to be as real as possible and that is the reason why many of us connected with the company. Nowadays marketing people are running the communication and there is a lack of connection with the company because the business has changed.

I recommend listening to the show if you want to get known with one true Nokia legend. But, charge your Nokia BT earbuds since it will take more than 2 hours of your life 🙂 Just click the photo