Nokia phones in the top five list at ANZ market

Nokia Mobile is now searching for a new Go To Market Manager for the Australian and New Zealand markets. This info could mean anything, from folks leaving Nokia Mobile or that Nokia Mobile is doing well in those markets which I was a bit sceptical about. In all those chats with Nokia Chronicles dudes, I got an impression that Nokia phones aren’t accepted today as they used to be 8 or 10 years ago, but I was wrong about that.

Another Aussie that spends more time at Nokiamob than he should (thanks for that Jett) has sent us a link to the post which is discussing the Kantar data for the popularity of the operating systems and brands in the ANZ market. And there is says that Nokia and Motorola are in the top five brands in Australia, picking up market shares of 2.8% and 1.9% respectively. Samsung, Apple and Oppo are holding the first three places with Samsung and Apple dominating the market with their latest phones (Galaxy S21 and iPhone 13 Pro Max).

I like how Kantar is still mentioning Windows Phone OS in the top five which holds a significant 0% of the market share, just like Blackberry.

Thanks Jett for the link and info!