WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile will stop working from 31st December

If you have been following the history of Nokia phones for a bit longer than HMD is alive, you should’ve noticed by now that Nokia phones used a plethora of operating systems. Even HMD or Nokia Mobile as they are called are using 4 operating systems on their feature phones, while Nokia smartphones through history used Symbian, MeeGo, five versions of Windows for phones and other systems as well.

With the Lumia devices using Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Nokia showed design and camera excellence, but at the end that wasn’t enough, because to succeed, Lumia devices needed apps and Microsoft’s platform didn’t have them enough.

One of the most important apps today, Whatsapp, is still available and working on Lumia devices running Windows 10 Mobile, but not for long. On 31st December 2019, WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile will stop working.

Users of Lumia phones that also use Whatsapp should consider making a switch to another phone before the deadline, because it’s good to finish things before deadlines.

via: Neowin.net , WindowsArea.de