How to Get MeeGo Icons on Your Nokia Phone

Modernized Meego Icons on Nokia 5.4 with Nokia N9 in the background

It’s no secret how much I personally adore MeeGo Harmattan OS on the Nokia N9, and thanks to how bland Android one is, I wanted to see if I can recreate at least some of the design magic of MeeGo on my modern Nokia phone. Here is how you can do that as well.

And remember, Nokia was the first to implement squircles as the main shape of icons. It still holds up superbly and has been copied by… competitors.

In case you’re feeling a bit of nostalgia and want to go down that rabbit hole (my constant state these days), you can check out my video on why I think MeeGo Harmattan is the best OS.

Anyways, what is your favourite icon pack for Android? And which launcher do you like pairing it with? I would love to see your creative home screens in the comments below.