Video: How KaiOS is becoming the 3rd major mobile OS (by TechAltar)

In another great episode of The Story Behind series, TechAltar explains the rise of KaiOS, a feature phone operating system that is emerging as the 3rd major mobile platform. To Nokia fans, KaiOS is known as the platform of choice of the Nokia 8110 4G.

Outside India (and parts of Africa), KaiOS feature phones aren’t that recognizable. In fact, the biggest progress KaiOS made was with the JioPhone, that selling just in India captured 15% of global feature phone shipments last quarter. Without further ado, take a look at TechAltar’s video where he explains the origin of KaiOS, targeted users and why Google invested in a competitor platform.


As it was mentioned in the video, operators, even in Western countries, could love KaiOS-powered feature phones, because of support for 4G and the capability to consume more data. I also want to point out that Jolla is working on Sailfish OS for feature phones, and the first feature phones with Sailfish are scheduled for Q3 2018 release. It will be interesting to see if Jolla will manage to compete with KaiOS and how much KaiOS will grow in coming quarters. Also, Whatsapp was officially announced for KaiOS and that will surely make the 3rd OS even more attractive.