Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 220 4G coming to Australia on October 17

The affordable version of the Nokia 7.2, Nokia 6.2, is coming to Australia on October 17th. Nokia 6.2 won’t be going down under alone. Nokia 220 4G will keep it company. Nokia 6.2 will be selling for AU$399 (approximately €244), while the price of the Nokia 220 4G is set to AU$79. If Nokia 6.2 is a device for you, you should also know that it is coming in Ceramic Black and Ice color options. Nokia 220 4G, on the other hand, will be offered in either Black or Blue.

Nokia 6.2 does resemble Nokia 7.2, and many folks will probably be asking if that is the best affordable smartphone on the market. Well, in a parallel universe where Nokia 7.2 is called Nokia 6.2, and Nokia 6.2 a Nokia 5.2, that would be the truth. In this universe, the competition for that title is tremendous, but Nokia 7.2 does have a birthright to it. I just wish Nokia Mobile went for the nomenclature used in the universe we are parallel with.