HMD Global going through some small changes

HMD Global, better known on social networks as Nokia Mobile, is going through some slight changes. The first one is the change of the Board member composition. If you have visited HMD Global pages recently, you might have noticed that a board member from Nokia, or Jari Relander to be exact, is missing. At his place came Denis Tse which we don’t know much about except his LinkedIn profile that tells his background in various tech companies, but none of those deals directly with smartphones.

The lack of a Nokia representative might suggest many things, but HMD Global told us that Nokia provided the Board with a new member, and HMD was just being slow with updates of the web pages. So, the new Nokian that hopped on HMD’s Board is Michael Daly. Interestingly, Daly is the Global Head of Mergers & Acquisitions at Nokia and LinkedIn reveals that he has been in that position since 2006 when he came to Nokia.

Well, the arrival of Mr Daly will surely start some new talks about HMD and its bond with Nokia, especially now when half of the licensing deal has passed. Is there a chance for Nokia to take over HMD, or should Nokia start manufacturing phones again are all well-known questions to which we all know the answer, whether we like it or not.

Another change that happened recently is the renaming of Nokia Mobile’s WeChat account to HMD Global in China. This might seem to be a minor thing, but going from Nokia Mobile to just HMD is a biggie since Nokia is a well-recognized brand in China. This was spotted by Gizmochina and by our readers also. I contacted HMD regarding this too, and still haven’t got the answer. But, when that happens I’ll update the post.


Thanks to dOrso and SirFaceFone for the tip 😉