Quick speed and camera comparison between Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 8.1

Speed comparison is something that people were interested in a decade ago when a small change in processor power would speed up the software considerably. Nowadays, low-end and midrange phones can run the phone’s software fluidly enough so you won’t be questioning their clock speed or number of cores that much.
But, when you are launching a new phone with “outdated” processor and have a pretty much same class model in stores with a better processor, a basic speed comparison video is always interesting to see.
Here is a video that compares the speed of Nokia 8.1 with Snapdragon 710 and Nokia 7.2 that is coming with Snapdragon 660. The Youtuber tested the startup speed of the phone, some basic apps along with some games like Subway Surfer, Temple Rush, and others. While the initial boot was faster with Nokia 8.1, Nokia 7.2 was much faster in reloading the apps from memory.


Later the YouTuber compared cameras of the two phones. Nokia 7.2 was capturing brighter videos and photos than the camera of Nokia 8.1. Do check the video and tell me what do you think?


So, even though the Snapdragon 660 is still a good performer, the question about launching Nokia 7.2 with a newer processor will not go away so easily, or soon.