Nokia announced new device portfolio for India

Nokia Mobile has officially announced a new device portfolio for the Indian market. The new devices are two smartphones, Nokia G21, Nokia C01, two feature phones  Nokia 105 Plus and Nokia 105 and two new earbuds, Nokia Go Earbuds + and Nokia Comfort Earbuds.

The most interesting device of all is the Nokia G21 which is really nicely built affordable smartphone that combines good build quality, a long-lasting battery, 50 MP camera and a high refresh rate display for a fair price. Nokia G21 is available at ₹12,999 as a 4GB+64GB variant and at ₹14,999 as the 6GB+128BG variant, which I recommend. This new device will be available across all leading stores, E-comm sites & Nokia website.

Nokia C01 is a super affordable entry smartphone that can be yours for ₹6,799, with a special offer for Jio users at just ₹6,199.

Nokia Mobile also announced refreshed Nokia 105 which is also coming as a Nokia 105 Plus. The largest difference between these two is in some small software differences like auto call recording and MP3 player in the Plus model. Nokia105Plus is available for just ₹1,399, while the all-new Nokia105 is available for just ₹1,299, even cheaper than the new Nokia earbuds.


Nokia Mobile also announced two new audio accessories and although we haven’t yet tested these, classic in-ear buds are probably better than the TWS-122 or Nokia Go Earbuds 2 +. Nokia Comfort Earbuds are the IPX5 rated buds that should last for 29 hours on a single charge for the price of just ₹2,799.

The Nokia Go Earbuds+ are slightly cheaper since they are splashproof (IPX4) and these will set you back for just ₹1,999.

The affordable devices are a great way to gain some traction in a hugely important market like India. Nokia Mobile also announced that it officially became the No1 brand in feature phones across India, which is important, especially since we know that Jio launched a successful series of feature phones.


How do you like the latest portfolio and are you thinking of buying it?