Nokia blocks sales of Lenovo PCs in Germany because of patent infringement

Earlier this month the German court decided to allow Nokia an injunction against Lenovo products in Germany against a collateral of 3.25 million euro. Nokia decided to enforce that injunction, meaning that Lenovo has stopped selling some of its products that infringe on Nokia’s video encoding patents in Germany.

If you visit the official Lenovo page for the German market, you can see a message that Lenovo can offer only a limited portfolio of products right now. For the German medium, Lenovo stated that they don’t agree with the court’s decision and think that Nokia isn’t offering a license in FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms. The world’s largest PC maker also added that Nokia’s actions are threatening the future of global tech industry and bringing innovation to all customers.

For Bloomberg, Nokia stated that “Legal action is never our preferred option, but Lenovo has been unwilling to enter into discussions, despite a clear judgment confirming their unauthorized use of Nokia’s patented technology. Our door is open for Lenovo to resolve the matter through good faith negotiation.”