Nokia going deeper in the consumer market with Global Icons

Nokia brand has a huge potential in the consumer market since the brand is still valued around the world. Nokia products are usually described as trusty, beautifully designed, and long-lasting. This is one of the reasons why Nokia decided to come back to the mobile phone industry by licensing its brand to HMD Global, and why is Nokia still actively developing OZO software or creating smart solutions for Home WiFi network that works.
To go more aggressively into the licensing business, and spread its brand further, Nokia appointed Global Icons to be its exclusive brand licensing agency. The main task of the Global Icons is extending Nokia’s brand into new consumer categories.
This is all we could find out about the new deal Nokia has signed. It is interesting to see what new products will Nokia bring to the market, or what new products will be powered by Nokia’s hardware or software solutions.
For now, Nokia is licensing its OZO Audio to Oppo and lately Axon Body cameras. WiFi beacons are currently being produced and shipped by Nokia, but there is a place for a licensing deal here also. Nokia Health (or what is left of it) is still doing wonders, so there could be a health-oriented device with Nokia logo coming in the future.

There are many possibilities here, but the time will tell which one is going to be in the stores. What do you guys think of this?


Source LicenseGlobal