#Nokia malware report reveals the increase of the smartphone infections

Nokia has issued its latest Intelligence Threat Report where it pointed with the raise of the malware infections, especially in smartphones. While mobile device malwares rate increased steadily during the 2016, smartphones were hit the hardest with a 400% increase in the number of infections on smartphones. A bit worrying information is that 85% of total infections happened in the second half of the 2016. Android smartphones and tablets continued to be the primary targets, but in the second half of the 2016 a lot of attacks on iOS-based devices were noticed, especially by Spyphone surveillance software.


But, smartphones and tablets are not the only one in the problem. There is a raising concern about the safety of the IoT devices that are becoming more popular every year. Deliberate attacks on IoT devices showed a lot of vulnerabilities that needs to be addressed before the IoT world kicks in.


The good thing is that Nokia noticed a decile in the attacks on Windows PC computers which is quite nice to hear since I recently got a ransomwared (I was stupid a bit).

You can read the full report on Nokia.com.