*UPDATE: Results revealed* GSMArena is doing a blind shootout between Nokia Lumia 1020 and Huawei P20 Pro

GSMArena is currently doing a photo comparison between the new Huawei P20 Pro, that features impressive camera hardware, and the good old Nokia Lumia 1020, featuring the 41MP sensor and PureView technology. For an average user looking to buy a phone, this comparison doesn’t make much sense, but considering the similar hardware, and overall similarities between Nokia and Huawei, it’s interesting nevertheless.

It is a blind shootout and the readers vote the photos they think look better. To be honest, to me the samples look quite similar, but I’m no expert, so you can check it for yourself at GSMArena.com and cast your vote. Huawei is quite an interesting company that, just like Nokia, operates a big telecom infrastructure business. Huawei’s mobile unit is full of former Nokia employees, and the company even uses similar approaches in marketing. We wrote about that here.


Update: GSMArena revealed the results and which phone is phone A and which phone is phone B in its shootout. In short, Huawei P20 Pro (Phone B) performed better in 4 out of 5 photos according to GSMArena readers, while the Nokia Lumia 1020 outperformed the new P20 Pro in one shot. Check the results here.