Axon Body 3 body camera now using Nokia OZO Audio

After stopping the production of the unique 360 camera that you can see in our header logo, Nokia OZO, Nokia continued developing the Audio part of the camera. OZO Audio emerged and Nokia started testing it on Nokia devices and selling patent licenses to other smartphone manufacturers. OZO Audio now consists of numerous sound features that can be put into good use on mobile phones but also on some other devices like AXON security cameras.
Nokia announced its collaboration with the Axon, which is the largest supplier of body cameras for public safety in the US. This collaboration wasn’t easy since OZO engineers had to solve several acoustics problems that body cams have. First is the wind noise, and second is the rubbing of the cam against the clothes that distorts the sound. However, OZO engineers managed to overcome the challenges since Axon just launched a Body 3 camera that can capture great audio.

If you want to find out more about Axon body cam, check it here.

It is great to see Nokia OZO Audio spreading outside the mobile phone industry. Also, it was emotional to see a here logo in the article about Nokia products :). Those who remember HERE maps will shed a tear.


Source Nokia OZO

Cheers NokiaMob lover for the tip 😉