Nokia 6.1 is now less than £100 in the UK

While people are waiting for new Nokia 6.2 to come to the stores, Nokia 6.1 became the most wanted midrange device. Its price is dropping rapidly and this could be a chance to gram a solid midrange phone.Carphone Warehouse is now selling the unlocked version of Nokia 6.1 for just under £100, or to be more precise £99.99. Nokia 6.1 is the first, actually the only one from the series that is coming with ZEISS lenses. It has older Snapdragon 630, but that doesn’t make it particularly slow. It will still be updated to the latest Android 10 and get another whole year of monthly security updates which might interest some people.
So, if you are not picky about the hardware spec, and just want a reliable, sturdy and affordable mid-range smartphone, check out the Carphone Warehouse deal.

Source Expertreviews

Thanks MichaelsoftSirFaceFone for the tip 😉