Disassembly video of Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia C3 (TechnoRabin)

Nokia C3 and 8.3 5G are slowly starting to show up in the stores, so it would be great for technicians and the general public to know how to disassemble the phones, just in case. The videos have been posted on YouTube by Techno Rabin, who is usually one of the first channels to post these kinds of videos. I just like seeing the internals of smartphones, so here are the internals of the long-expected Nokia 8.3 5G and affordable Nokia C3.

Let’s start with the disassembly of the Nokia 8.3 5G. The glass back of the phone is glued tightly to the back, and when removed, you see there are a lot of screws keeping the internals all together and the phone’s structural integrity strong. The motherboard is tightly packed and protected by a polycarbonate plate that has some elements for dissipating heat of the Qualcomm 765 processor. It is interesting to see that two parts of the board separated by the battery are connected by cables beneath it.

Later in the disassembly process, I noticed that the inner aluminum frame is not stretching from the top to the bottom of the phone, or the top and bottom parts are covered in layers of polycarbonate, so the bare aluminum doesn’t show anymore. The holes for screws are there, so probably I’m seeing things that are not there, but seems logical to do that to shed some weight.
Sadly, the battery is glued to the frame and you aparently need to use a heatgung to take it out, and that can damage it, so you should be replacing it with a new one.

Anyway, the end result you can check above, and nopw you can also check the assembly video.



Now lets see how Nokia C3 is made.

Nokia C3 is much simpler to make and the video starts with assembly, but later on the technician disassembles the phone. The auminum frame doesn’t reach the ends of the phone, and the ends are filled by plastic pieces. The internals are simple, and after placing the motherboard and attaching all the cables, you just need to screw in the polycarbonate cover, install the removable battery and cover it with a polycarbonate back.
Check the video below.

Cheers to Tehno Rabin for sharing the videos with us and with the world. It could be usefull to someone.