Video: #Nokia tested LTE network in #Paris Metro Line 14

Nokia LTE paris

I recently heard that 15% of the air we breathe in Metro systems is actually human skin. This fact tangled my mind, but also did the existence of LTE networking in the Paris Metro. Nokia shared on its United YouTube channel a video where it shows how a SYSTUF project of bringing to the Paris Metro a LTE network went up, and what are the results of it. Since Metro is growing and metro network is becoming busier every day, more capacity is needed. LTE is not used only for the passengers but also operational applications and services (security and various controll cameras, apps…). A promising solution lies with a unified ground-to-train radio networks based on 4G LTE technology. Nokia, which is acting as a partner in a consortium called SYSTUF, conducted a trial project in real-world conditions on Paris Metro line 14. Check out the video and see how it went: