Hands on videos of Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2

Nokia Mobile announced the successors of the popular 7 and 6 lineups. Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 share a lot of similarities, like the size and design of the body, same display, but vary in the internal specs and camera specs. While Nokia 7.2 is coming with rather outdated but still capable Snapdragon 660, Nokia 6.2 got upgraded to Snapdragon 636 that we saw in 7.1 last year. Even though both devices share that triple camera arrangement in Lumia 830 looking camera module, the camera of the Nokia 7.2 has a bigger 48 MP sensor and some interesting ZEISS features that will also make portraits made by its 20 MP camera much better.
Anyway, here are the first Hands-On videos that some media launched on Youtube. First, let start with Nokia 7.2 hands-on:





Tech Spurt


GSMArena (both 7.2 and 6.2)




MrMobile – a review of all phones




Here is the collection of Nokia 6.2 hands-on videos I could find.

Tech Spurt


GSMOnline.pl (nice demo video)