#China: #Nokia 6 Black & Silver in stock. Over 50k reviews at JD.com

After the silver version of the Nokia 6 sold out this morning in China, the silver version, as well as the black version in 32GB and 64GB internal memory are back in stock at JD.com. The black Nokia 6 had minor sellouts during the week, but the device was in the same day back in stock. The silver one sold out this morning instantly, but it’s now back in stock.

Both versions are available via a unified product page, totaling 4 versions of Nokia 6: in two colors and two memory versions. The two black versions of Nokia 6 have a total of over 50,000 reviews, that’s a little less than the Galaxy S7 Edge with 53,000 reviews. Just to be clear, only buyers can post reviews and they can only post one review each. The silver version already has 70 reviews, but i think there is a problem with the site, because on the silver version there are only pictures of the black version in the reviews.

The global version of Nokia 6 will go on sale during this quarter for a price of €229.

JD.com: Nokia 6