Nokia Mobile promotes better audio accessories

Accessories are important for any smartphone brand for two main reasons. First, to expand the product ecosystem and increase brand awareness, and second, to better sell the main product, smartphones. The second reason works best with product bundles, as audio accessories are not as expensive to produce and certainly do not cost as much as a smartphone, which is the main selling point. By cleverly creating product bundles, the company can sell smartphones at the desired price and lower it with beautifully designed and, most importantly, useful accessories.

However, to sell accessories, you need to let people know that you actually have something to sell, and the easiest way to do that is through simple marketing on social networks. Nokia Mobile is not as good as the old Nokia at marketing its products, but that is slowly changing (I think).

A nice video was released on YouTube that nicely showcases the Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2. Speaker was announced together with X30 and the rest f the smartphones, but wasn’t promoted that well. The video advertises all of its main features, a powerful 5W speaker, waterproof IP rating, and sustainable manufacturing with recycled materials. A nice plus is definitely the 22 hours of playtime, which is important for such products.

Another problem Nokia Mobile has with its accessories is availability in major and other markets. I am not sure I have ever seen Nokia accessories in retail stores here in Croatia or in other European countries, and that can be quickly solved by enabling web stores, which do not work in some markets.


Thanks Prasenjit B for the tip 😉