Russian mts backed with Nokia and Qualcomm has superb 5G network speed

Russian mts carrier just posted a nice demo video of its 5G network that has been developed together with Nokia and Qualcomm. 

They tested it with pre-commercial Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and an incredible download speed of more than 2Gbps was reached in the live demo. 

This is, of course, a test in a closed area without many interruptions, but can you believe what download speeds will commercial 5G networks deliver in a few years from now?

Nokia helped Sprint launch a commercially available 5G network in some major US cities, and speeds there are not close to speeds seen in this short demo, but Sprint will probably improve it with time. This live demo sure gives us an insight into what will 5G networks be capable of. Now, the only thing that would make this live test better is the usage of Nokia branded 5G phone instead of SGS10 5G.