Sprint and Nokia launched the 5G network in 5 cities across the US



Us carrier Sprint started its 5G network that was built and set up by Nokia. Sprint’s customers will enjoy all the extraordinary things and power that the 5G network brings in LA, Washington DC, Phoenix, and New York. The coverage with the 5G signal looks superb, and it will probably grow in due time. The download speeds are now set at 200 Mbps which is six times faster than Sprint was providing on 4G.



There are not many devices that can use 5G. Huawei and Samsung were among the first to launch 5G versions of their flagship devices. Since operators around the world are transitioning to 5G, we can expect more 5G enabled phones to start showing up in 2020. Hopefully, we’ll also see the first 5G Nokia smartphone then (if not sooner).