DontKillMyApp improves score of Nokia Android smartphones is a website dedicated to pointing out how smartphone vendors increasingly limit the background process on their devices to the point where useful apps that customers want to use, like 3rd party alarm apps, sleep trackers, fitness trackers and similar, can’t normally operate on the device.

Nokia phones had the title of being the most aggressive in terms of killing background processes, which I don’t mind if there was an option to whitelist apps, which there wasn’t. After the Pie update, the situation got better and Nokia Mobile’s “crap” score was lowered from maximum of five to four, placing the company on No.3.

With the Pie update to Nokia Android One devices, Nokia started to roll out a whitelist policy based task killer app internationally. This caused unprecedented background processing issues. Now it seems they realized the mistake and Nokia is slowly rolling out fixes to use a blacklist approach instead for the western world market, where Chinese releases still use the whitelist approach. We are still monitoring this and are happy for any feedback. For the time being we did improve the crap score of Nokia by one and we hope this issue will be completely resolved. For details on this please see here. –

The site was started by developers being frustrated of background processes behaving differently on different Android devices, with some vendors not allowing them at all and forcing developers to find workarounds. You can check the full site here.