Nokia signed an agreement with Iliad to upgrade its network to 5G

French provider of both fixed and mobile phone services Iliad has signed a strategic agreement with Nokia to upgrade its network on 5G. The upgrade will be happening both in France and Italy where Iliad is also operational. Nokia has been cooperating with the French telecom company since 2010 when Finns installed its 3G and 4G network. Iliad’s 5G network should be deployed in 2020, which will be beneficial for their 17 million subscribers. That number might increase since 5G offers a lot, not only for regular subscribers but for companies too.


This is an excellent result for Nokia, and it is nice to see it winning deals in Europe too. In the meantime, Nokia is also doing well in the US market. Nokia and Verizon organized a nice demo session in Dallas, Texas, to show all the advantages that the 5G network will be offering to people and businesses. You can find more info about the Dallas demo show here. There is some interesting stuff with drones that Nokia demoed. I would love to see more videos showing that.

The full press release about the deal with Iliad you can find here.