Nokia simply explains core networks

While we know Nokia mostly because of its massive success in the phone business, the core business that kept the company alive today is networks. Well, Nokia transformed itself a lot in its 165 years old history, but some 40 years ago it took a direction that will make it the company we know today, a networking giant.

I do love the idea of Nokia licensing its brand for consumer products, but I also appreciate all the hard work Nokia is doing in the development of modern networks. Actually, Nokia used its phones also to further develop and expand the usage of its networking inventions that we take for granted even today. One of the things that we don’t see is the networking core and Nokia did a nice video explaining the core of networks in a nutshell.

Many things about mobile networks that we use today will be clear after watching this video. While making calls during a fast-moving train seems simple and quite normal thing today, some clever engineering is behind it and you gotta appreciate all the efforts invested in the development of mobile networks.

It is also nice to see some true Nokia phones used in a video, although I couldn’t spot any new Nokia devices there. Have you?