#Nokia celebrating Day One

Today is the Blue Monday, the most depressing day in a year as some call it, but it is not for Nokia. Today marks the one year that has passed from day one, or the day when Nokia restructured itself. Actually, it has passed a year from the acquisition of the Alcatel Lucent Company what changed the structure of Nokia. In that year they managed to receive all the approvals, start the joint operations and seal the 100% ownership of A-L. In 2017, Nokia wants to see performance after the year of integration. Nokia is ready to start turning the World to 5G networks and over 40 000 engineers will help discover new technologies. Nokia Technology business already had a great start regarding its licensing deal with HMD that will bring Nokia name back to phones, and Withings is not doing do badly since their Steel HR is quite interesting product.

Looking forward to more interesting Nokia news this year.

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