Snapdragon 865 should be second-generation 7nm processor from Qualcomm

Snapdragon 865 should be the next flagship processor to come from Qualcomm. This is going to be the second processor that Qualcomm created using the 7nm technology, and also a direct opponent to Huawei’s Kirin 990. While Huawei is going to announce its next processor at IFA 2019, Qualcomm will do the same later this year. The first phones to come with SD 865 should be announced somewhere in 2020, most probably at MWC in Barcelona. Interestingly, the manufacturer of this new processor will be Samsung which has been manufacturing processors for Qualcomm before.

It seems that Qualcomm might not use Samsung as a manufacturer for the Snapdragon 875, which should be made in 5nm process. That processor could be made by Taiwanese TSMC according to some rumors, and the first phone running it should be announced in 2021. At that time we’ll probably see a Nokia device with Snapdragon 865…