Withings announced Body Scan scale to better handle your health

French company Withings, which was part of Nokia a few years ago, has unveiled a new digital scale at CES 2022. The new Withings scale offers a complete scan of the body’s health parameters in a single place. The scale is named Body Scan and is all about taking a better way to handle your health.

The Body Scan is said to be able to measure weight more accurately (+/- 50 grammes), segmental body composition (muscle, fat and bone composition of torso, legs and arms), heart health with a 6-lead ECG and better assess vascular age. In addition, Withings has added new technology that can also measure nerve activity in your body. The new innovation is a handle that extends from the base of the scale and takes measurements of your upper body composition and ECG.

Check out the promo video explaining how the scale works.

What I like about this scale is that it’s a health station of sorts, showing you almost all the parameters you would also have checked at your annual checkup at a clinic or doctor’s office. Withings is aware of this and the company offers an easy way to share the recorded data with your doctor. The good thing is that you can now record a 6-lead ECG, which is definitely more accurate than the classic single-lead ECG that the Scan Watch records, for example. But when you combine Body Scan with Scan Watch, Withings is now a rare company that can offer many important health parameters in one place.

In addition to all the new sensors, Withings has also made some hardware changes. For example, the scale now features a high-resolution colour display and a rechargeable battery that can power the scale for a full year on a single charge.

The Body Scan scale is expected to be available in the second half of 2022. The suggested retail price is $299.95 / €299.95. For more information, visit the official Withings page for the Body Scan scale.