Symbian phones still getting software updates, kind of

Nokia and Symbian belong to the past, but maybe some enthusiasts are still using a Nokia Symbian phone. And if that phone is Nokia E7, you are an owner and user of a real jewel. Our Mr. Nokia just revisited that gorgeous phone in his recent Nostalgia video, which you might check here.

While the hardware of a Nokia Symbian phone might be still working perfectly, the software is definitely not completely functional since it hasn’t been updated for 9 years now. However, some Symbian hard users are still maintaining their custom firmware (CFW) for Symbian phones like Nokia 701, Nokia E7, or Nokia 808 Pureview.

Steve Litchfield from AllAboutSymbian just wrote about Delight Custom FirmWare (CFW) team delivering the ‘farewell update’ for their Delight CFW. The plan is to update all of the Symbian Belle running Nokia phones to the latest Delight firmware.

The most important changes are:

  • Deeply cleaned non-working modules, removed duplicates, fixed several manufacturer bugs, overall optimisation was performed
  • Greatly expanded Delight-exclusive solutions: Delight App update, Delight cleaner module, Backup/Restore functional
  • Complete collection of all working on Symbian Belle ROMPatcher+ patches, including the most recent ones (dated 2020), specially written to take control over more limitations introduced by Nokia
  • Added Proxy Browser, a premium service to bypass TLS 1.3 security, allowing surfing the internet the way it was several years ago
  • Python is complemented with all 3rd-party modules ever made for Symbian
  • Disabled even more nagging factory popups
  • Fewer security certificate warnings in the browser and the latest connection patch
Nokia E7. Forever cool

If you are a Symbian lover and owner of some of the latest Symbian phones, do check the Delight home page and download the latest software update if you feel skilled enough to do that. You know what, I just charged my Nokia 701 and might even try to remember my long forgotten Symbian hacking skills.

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