Nokia TA-1203 is heavier Nokia 105?!

Another Nokia device showed up on Chinese TENAA pages with specs and photos. The device model number is TA-1203, and it looks like it is heavier Nokia 105 that passed the TENAA certification recently. The specs of the device are almost the same except the weight. The Nokia TA-1174 or the Nokia 105 weights 72.4 g, but TA-1203 mass is 74.4 g. I don’t know where did that extra 2g went since the processor is the same, the battery also and it supports just the standard GSM bands.

I kind of doubt that this is the Nokia 110, even though the 2012 Nokia 110 was also the simple feature phone. This could maybe be another version of Nokia 105 for the Chinese market. Anyway, we are most probably going to be seeing three feature phones, and this Nokia 105 lookalike could be one of them. Well, you know hot the old proverb goes more, the merrier.