Nokia Daredevil will come with Night Mode camera option

Nokia Mobile is slowly but steadily getting ready to turn a new page in the Android-running Nokia smartphones story. This new chapter will bring something old, but also a lot of new stuff. By old, I’m not referring to the teardrop notch for the front-facing camera on a recently leaked prototype of Nokia Daredevil. The old is Nokia Lumia 830 shaped camera module that will have two cameras (one with wide lens) and most probably a TOF sensor or 2MP depth camera. Since the camera will be much improved on this model, the camera app is also gonna get some new features. On the released photo of the camera app UI, we could see the screen of a wide shot feature. If you passed the photo through the Google translate, the last feature on the right is translated as the Night Shot, or Night Mode. This was confirmed by Chinese reading Nokiamob reader (yes we have that type of readers also, we even had a visitor from North Korea once).

Russian twitter account Nokia Anew already confirmed that Night Mode is being developed by HMD and that this feature will be coming with the next version of Nokia smartphones. Since the night shots were not particularly good on Nokia 9 PV, HMD had to do something and it seems that Nokia Daredevil will show that option for the first time.

The biggest surprise here is the rumor that Nokia Daredevil could be Nokia 5.2 according to the trusty Nokia Anew. This means that the mid-range models will be more competent, but we have to see how will the extra competence affect the end price. If ZEISS lenses, PureDisplay, and OZO Audio become featured in the Nokia 5.2 as rumored, its price will surely go up.
Anyway, looking forward to seeing new Nokia phones in the mid-range segment since it’s about time :).