New Nokia Camera APK reveals references to Super ZOOM, Night mode, Kids sound effects and more

Cameras are the main focus points on phones today, at least based on comments online. Nokia Mobile’s camera app has come a long way from the First time we saw the app on the Nokia 6 (2017) more than two years ago.

After doing the teardown of the new version of the Nokia Camera app (version 95.9.0100.03) that is shipped with the Nokia 3.2, found a lot of interesting details buried in the code of the application. Keep in mind that these are not available features, but strings and files inside the APK mentioning some features.

Most notable findings include strings like “Take a picture in low light mode”, “Night mode on, hold device steady while capturing“Low light off”, “Low light on”, and icons of a moon suggesting that the rumored Night mode might really be in development. There is also a reference to “Super Zoom”, with the string Super zoom on, hold the device steady while taking pictures”. I saw a similar message on the latest Huawei P30 Pro phone with 50x digital zoom capabilities, so it might be that Nokia Mobile is working on a device with powerful zoom capabilities (periscope camera?).

Another interesting find is “Kids sound effects”, intended to entertain small kids while taking a photo. We have no idea how this will work or if it will be implemented, but using AI to recognize when a kid/baby is in the scene and suggesting the options than might be neat. I’m not sure how many users would actually use such a feature.


There are other finding from the APK teardown like TiZR livestreaming support, gesture shot, more countdown options and other things you can check at

Keep in mind that nothing of the above has been officially announced and it might never be available at all. I’m also surprised that HMD doesn’t have some private beta channel for testing such stuff instead of putting in release code.