Nokia N95 8GB | When Nokia Peaked (Video)

Nokia N95 8GB

If you were to ask a younger audience about the origins of the smartphones we use today, I believe a lot might attribute that to the original iPhone. But little do people know that the original iPhone was a lot closer to a dumbphone than what we consider a smartphone today. It had very limited functionality, including no ability to capture video at launch. There was no app store for it, and it was nothing more than a glorified iPod that was super slick to use. Compare that to the mighty Nokia N95 8GB, the swiss army knife of phones for its time. It supported 3rd party apps, had a plethora of productivity features built-in, and the multimedia aspects to make it one kick-ass phone. The N95 8GB was really when Symbian and Nokia peaked. So here is my video talking about some of its coolest aspects.

I think it’s important to remind ourselves of what Nokia as a brand used to stand for. Yes, they made phones for all price ranges that covered all segments. But they were masters of their craft when it comes to hardware, and they always pushed the envelope even before touchscreens became the de facto form factor. It’s a brand that led the charge in terms of quality, durability, design, materials, camera technology, and even software once upon a time. We might not relive such an era ever again, but I hope the fundamentals of that brand live on forever.