Nokia (Networks) finally using Nokia devices in demo videos

The news about the 5G networks are flooding the Internet, but the networking business is so much more, as you probably are aware of. Nokia is constantly reminding us that there are some great solutions that could help us in our business, solutions like setting up your own private wireless network. Nokia did a nice demo video that shows how to set the private network in just 20 minutes. You will have to open the Nokia Digital Automation Kit that contains Nokia DA access point, Nokia DA edge, and cables. Once you activate the network, you have to connect the hardware and start using devices with purchased SIM cards, which are automatically added to the network.

The Nokia DA Cloud platform enables you to use the network for different needs. You can use it for indoor positioning, group communication, drone control, or real-time video surveillance, and everything can be managed in the dashboard. Sounds simple, right? If it doesn’t, check the video below.

I like the fact that Nokia finally started using devices with its own brand in the latest demo videos. For this video, Nokia used Nokia 1 which looks great.