Leaks: #Nokia8 (code Supreme) comes with Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, 5.7″ 2K SAMOLED Display, amazing 24MP camera with OIS and EIS… *UPDATED*

So, something amazing happened at CES. It seems, as stated by the YouTuber ‘Total Tech’, HMD’s upcoming Nokia-branded flagship, to be called Nokia 8, was on a demo booth for the new Snapdragon 835. In fact, the Youtuber spent some time with the devices (yes, two), and said that: “Nokia is back and back in a big way”.

There were two Nokia 8 prototypes – one with Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM, and one with Snapdragon 821 and 4GB RAM. The most amazing thing about the Nokia 8 is the camera. The camera features a 24MP image sensor with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and EIS 3.0 (Electronic Image Stabilization), and the YouTuber says about it that: “The new [Snapdragon]835 is also paired with EIS 3.0 which Qualcomm and Nokia claims will have the smoothest video on a smartphone to date”. The video down below proves these words.


The specifications of Nokia 8 are:

  • 5.7 inch Quad HD display
  • Super Amoled
  • 24MP OIS and Super EIS enabled camera
  • 12MP front facing camera
  • Snapdragon 835 with 6GB Ram
  • Lesser model 821 with 4GB Ram
  • Micro SD Card support to 256gb
  • 64 and 128gb internal storage.
  • Dual front facing speakers
  • Led notification light
  • Nokia logo lights up on front during boot (super cool)

Truly amazing. That two prototypes of unannounced devices were on a demo booth for EIS3.0. MWC can’t come sooner…

Update: It could be that the whole story above is fake. It seems that the above devices (pictured down below) are Qualcomm Reference Designs. Maybe HMD made those reference designs, after all, the source mentions the glowing Nokia logo on the devices. No logo can be seen on the devices pictured below, apart from the Qualcomm Snapdragon logo.


Update 2: Total Tech still claims this is Nokia 8, or better to say Qualcomms reference design made by HMD that looks similar to what the final version of Nokia 8 would look like.

Update 3: Total Tech suggested that we contact Qualcomm, and that we did. Qualcomm denied that the device on video is a Nokia.