First 5G networks will be focused on industry

Nokia Press and Analyst event has started, and Nokia is talking a lot about 5G network. Nokia already started testing the 5G network in a real environment and one thing is sticking out. It seems that first 5G networks won’t be available for the mass market, or just for consumer devices. According to Nokia’s first rollouts 5G will be used first in industry, and consumer products like streaming high resolution video, VR, AR, smart management of the cities and other cases.

But, since this industry is money driven, I believe that large operators will also be pushing classic 5G network for mobile phones quite soon. In Milan, Italy, Vodafone already installed Nokia AirScale antennas which support 4G and 5G networks. Then again, if we look at current mobile phones, I think we’ll be using 4G for another two years before first 5G (ready) phones arrive.

I don’t mind having fast home network coming from my internet provider, and well organized city when communications have less then 1 second latency. 5G on the mobile phones can wait a bit. The same was going on with 4G when it was introduced.