Daimler Benz to pay patent fees to Nokia per manufactured vehicle

After setting the agreement with Samsung regarding the use of audio codecs and an arrangement with Lenovo about using patented Nokia technology, Nokia will also be receiving royalties from Daimler.

The long-going patent dispute between the Finnish networking giant and Daimler Benz that lasted for over two years finally ended in August 2020. Nokia wanted Daimler to pay royalties for its technologies used in the navigation system and car communications per produced vehicle, while Daimler insisted that suppliers should pay the fees.

Now it seems that Daimler will pay Nokia around 2$ per produced car, which is something Nokia is getting from other carmakers for the same kind of technologies. Last year Nokia made around 1.4 billion euros in licensing revenues, which is a hefty sum, and it definitely puts smiles on the investor’s faces.

This dispute even urged the European Commission to set rules for patent licensing in the automotive industry, probably to avoid these kinds of disputes in the future.