Rumor: Nokia 6.2 coming to Russia at a good price

Nokia Mobile is getting ready to launch a new Nokia phone, or two. Social media accounts are being filled with teasers of a new phone that suggest that we might be seeing better camera tech and a bit more colorful bodies in the next lineup of midrange Nokia smartphones.
The latest teaser released by Nokia Mobile clearly shows a smartphone with a body that will be coming in a black, green, pink, and blue version.

Now the main question is what phone or phones are we going to see on June 6th when the next Nokia event is happening. Nokia Mobile teased about new camera tech coming with enhanced night mode, and that could be implemented in new Nokia 6, which is a model whose camera got better with new releases. Other smartphones that we could be seeing are a new Nokia 5 and possibly Nokia 2.

Nokia 6.2 is the most probable candidate that we are going to see soon, and I’m really happy about it. Nokia anew posted pretty exciting, but jet unverified, info about the upcoming Nokia 6.2. According to his source, that is usually  correct, Nokia 6 will be completely overhauled, come in new body color palette, have a camera with zoom and improved night mode, and all that at price of 18990 rubles, or approximately $290.

I must say that this is the price for the Russian market, and the price will probably vary for other markets. However, if the new Nokia 6.2 will be priced as the previous models, its popularity is guaranteed. Now, it remains to be seen if 6.2 will be coming with Snapdragon 660 or Nokia Mobile will be using newer Snapdragon 670 to make it more up to date.