Nokia is the second most imported and used smartphone brand in Iran

India is a major market for Nokia Mobile, and the Finnish startup is giving a lot of attention to it. But, some other markets where Nokia is still a valued brand, are having much better sales results. A great example is the Iranian smartphone market where the business is booming. The usage of smartphones in Iran varies between 2.5 and 4.9 million units per month according to the survey done by The Association of Mobile Importers, Tablets and Accessories (this is Google translation name, so it could come out wrong). Approximately 5.4 million units entered Iran in the first six months, and 51% of them carried the Samsung logo on them. The second most imported brand was Nokia with approximately 23% of all the imported devices (1.4 million of them). Huawei was third with approximately 695K of imported devices or 8% of the total number.

The same association also tracked the registered IMEI numbers and gave statistics about the most used smartphone brands in Iran. Samsung phones were the most used, around 52% of all the devices, and Nokia was again second with 20% of the Iranian smartphone market.
These are encouraging data for the Nokia Mobile, and a clear sign that a different approach in marketing is needed, maybe a more global approach. After all, Nokia is here to connect people regardless of race, religion or how they like their pizza. Well, maybe those people who put ananas on the pizza should be isolated on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere :).

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