Nokia 9 PureView receiving new Android Pie V4.22D build

Nokia Mobile just released a “smaller” update for the Nokia 9 PureView. Less than two weeks ago the device received a bigger update with the build version V4.22C that brought fingerprint sensor, camera and stability improvements, but new issues were discovered, primarily some cases of unlocking the device using an unregistered fingerprint.

The update that started rolling out today is V4.22D and is 72MB in size. The update does have the usual maintenance release changelog (stability and UI improvements) and the already available Google security patch for April is also mentioned.

We don’t have a Nokia 9 so we can’t say what changes the update brings. If you have a 9, do tell us down below if you received it and if you noticed any improvements. 🙂

Thanks Brian for the tip. 🙂