Concept Creator releases the full concept video announcement of Nokia 10 PureView

After releasing the teaser of a video that shows how the Concept Creator thinks the next Nokia with PureView trademark should look like, the full video of Nokia 10 PureView is now out. The next PureView Nokia phone should come with six cameras and the central one should have a 6K sensor with ZEISS lenses and a variable aperture. He also suggests putting two monochrome and two RGB cameras with 12 MP sensor and another camera with wide-angle lenses.

He thinks that a dedicated camera button should be a nice addition even though I think it is much easier to take sharper photos without it. A 6.4-inch super-bright HDR10 AMOLED screen is a must-have with small bezels on top and the bottom. While Xenon flash would freeze the moment perfectly, it would drain the battery fast. Since this is a huge device, there might be a place for 5000 mAh battery.
Do check this excellent as always concept video.

Do you agree with Jermaine or the Concept Creator?