Continental and others join Daimler in EU antitrust case against Nokia

More Companies have joined German car maker Daimler in seeking for an antitrust case to be opened against Nokia in the European Union. Daimler alleges that Nokia isn’t offering the licenses to standard essential patents under fair term and asks EU to look into it.

The companies that joined Daimler include German car parts maker Continental, French car parts company Valeo and Daimler’s contractor Bury Technologies. This info comes directly from Nokia, via Reuters, that was notified about other parties complaining to the EU and the same time they received the Daimler complaint.

With our cars getting more smarter and more connected, Nokia’s wireless technology and related patents are becoming more needed than ever. Nokia said previously that the company is offering more licensing options to car makers, but Daimler has been taking a series of steps to avoid paying. We will see what the EU thinks about patents in car industry.