Video: Meet the new Nokia Beacon AC1200 router

On our last day of MWC19 was also busy. We had a chance to get the private tour around the Nokia booth to check their 5G connected world. I wanted to publish this post sooner, but we were heading back home and the trip was rather long.

Anyway, we saw so many things at the Nokia booth that are going to be mentioned in another post, but among many super cool stuff, we saw a new Nokia WiFi beacon intended for the mass market. While Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 (AC-3000) is a more premium router that will intelligently give you the stable WiFi network at your home or workplace, Nokia Beacon (AC1200) is almost a scaled down model of Beacon 3, but also with a scaled down price intended for a mass market. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to buy it in classic tech stores, but preferably over operators, internet providers and maybe by Amazon US which is currently selling Beacon 3.

The device’s body is made of nice looking polished plastic and will be available in white color. It has an oval shape, not round like Beacon 3, and is suitable for hiding it among books on the bookshelf. But the device looks great also when placed on plain sight since Nokia designed it well. While Nokia Beacon 3 has an indicator light at the top of the device, Beacon has the indication just above the Nokia logo that gloves in the same color as the one on Beacon 3. It has 2×2 MIMO inside what makes it work better than the usual router you get. Beacon should be launched by the end of March, and the price is yet to be revealed.

Here is a short hands-on video of the Beacon!

We tried to take one for a spin, but the guys from Nokia security are super fast. It would be fun to unbox and test some other product with a Nokia brand on it. What do you guys think, would you like to have this Nokia router at your home?