Nokia Mobile could rewrite VoLTE rules with Nokia?

Nokia Mobile has had some problems using VoLTE in its latest smartphone portfolio in the EU. You may have heard of the reason, but in short, a company called VOICEAGE EVS, which uses Nokia Mobile’s VoLTE patent, sued the company and Nokia Mobile lost. Since VoLTE is not required for smartphone use, Nokia Mobile discontinued the service rather than take its phones off the EU market. Nokia Mobile commented on the issue in early 2023, stating that the company is trying to negotiate with VOICEAGE EVS and pay royalties under FRAND provisions, which the patent holder does not want.

Now there might be a solution to Nokia Mobile’s problem. Nokia itself licenses VoLTE software solutions for enterprises, and I believe they could talk to Nokia Mobile, the licensee of the Nokia brand for smartphones, feature phones and tablets, and get the fair price Nokia Mobile is asking for.

Here is the promo video from Nokia promoting the service.

The video description even says this, “What if you could rewrite the rules for innovation and growth?” With only 40% of the 5 billion LTE subscriptions including VoLTE, the opportunity is huge…” It seems like they are asking Nokia Mobile (or perhaps better HMD Global, which is behind Nokia Mobile) to talk to Nokia and reimagine services and revive existing investments to make profits in unexpected ways.

I am definitely not an expert in the functioning of VoLTE software and patents needed to run the service, but this sounds interesting.


Source: Nokia Youtube