San Marino could be Europe’s first 5G state. Nokia Networks doing great in India

The state of San Marino could easily become the first European state covered with a 5G network signal. The network should be live by the end of this year mostly thanks to the Italian operator TIM, Nokia and the government of San Marion that saw the opportunity to modernize itself. It wasn’t hard to cover the whole state of San Marino with 5G network since it is just slightly larger than a parking lot of an average mall in the USA. But let’s not underestimate the complexity of the job that needed to be done. San Marino is situated in the mountainous region of Italy, which will serve nicely for TIM and Nokia to test the network for future expansion.

Nokia is doing quite well in the networking business. Financial results for Q2 weren’t the nicest ones, but future is looking bright. Only in India Nokia scored over 50 deals and half of that is coming from beyond the traditional mobile phone infrastructure. Nokia managed to arrange new deals with various Indian operators in the area of IP & Optics and fixed networks. Nokia is also extending its Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity related portfolio in India by starting talks with many operators that are planning to launch a narrow-band IoT networks. Many Indian Telecom operators trusted Nokia to increase the capacity and range of their networks.


Nokia also started the commercial trails of Massive MIMO technology (video above) in India, and is driving talks with telcos for 5G field trials. The base stations that are being shipped right now in India are already 5G ready, so the transition to the 5G network should be quick there.


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