Nokia Mobile cut the price of Nokia 6.1 to make a place for Nokia 6.1 Plus?!

HMD Global lowered the price of Nokia 6.1 in China just before the launch of Nokia X6. That was a logical move for Nokia 6.1 can’t compete with the Nokia X6’s revamped hardware. Now, HMD Global lowered the price of Nokia 6.1 in India. On August 21, the #BringItOn event will be held, where Nokia Mobile will announce a new Nokia phone, presumably for the Indian market.

Many hope it will be Nokia 6.1 Plus or the Chinese exclusive Nokia X6., the first Nokia phone with a notch. Several things pointing us to the launch of this phone, and the price cut of the 6.1 could be another one.
Nokia 6.1 original price in India was around 16.999 INR (for the 3GB model), and now it is cut down to 15.499 INR. At this price, the Nokia 6.1 looks tempting. This price cut could also suggest that the new Nokia 6.1 Plus price would be around the original price of Nokia 6.1 or a bit more.

There is always a chance that the Nokia X6 will remain a China exclusive and Nokia aficionados in India will get Nokia 5.1 Plus :). Anyway, we’ll know more on Tuesday.


Thanks Manpreet Singh and MichealsoftSirFaceFone for the tips ;).


Source NPU