Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) will be present at the Berlin IFA congress

The next big event in the mobile phone industry is the IFA Berlin Congress. The exhibition of the consumers’ electronics will start on August 31st and last till September 5th. There will be representatives from many companies, but I’m sure that I can say that we all are most interested in the Communications segment of the exhibition where mobile phones will be displayed. Among many well-known and established mobile phone manufacturers, HMD Global will also be present with Nokia mobile phones.
HMD booked the space in the Hall 25, designated for the Communication section. Currently, there is no info of the space size, but last year HMD exhibited Nokia devices outside of the Expo Center, so this is big news.

We still don’t know if Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) will announce any new phones there. IFA is a big opportunity for them, so it would be great to use the gathered media and show them something new like their first real flagship phone, or eventually, a Nokia phone running Snapdragon 710.

Well, we’ll know more in the coming weeks. That is for sure.