A digital detox with Nokia 2660 Flip

Picture credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire.

Nokia Mobile released research which shows that a whopping 80% of Gen Z would consider a digital detox to disconnect from their smartphone. The study is focused on the UK market, but I can say that the results might be similar or the same in many other countries. The results show that 63% of Brits overall, and even more of Gen Z (80%) are considering doing a digital detox.

To make that easier, Nokia Mobile has partnered with Unplugged – a company that offers off-grid escape close to London and Manchester – to bring its new Lush Green Nokia 2660 Flip phone in all of their cabins. Guests can lock away their smartphone for three days and change it for the Nokia 2660 Flip. Interestingly, some 43% of Brits are already taking some free time from smartphones to detox themselves from digital content.

Austeja in an Unplugged off-grid cabin escape as the digital detox holiday destination. Picture credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire.

I must say that I’ll try doing the same this summer. I actually tried last year by using 2720 but there I had WhatsApp which was convenient but frustrating to use. This time I’l completely switch off for a week. I am planning on leaving a smartphone at home for WhatsApp messaging which I can’t stop using today. Also, selling these boxes for locking the smartphone away could be a nice accessory Nokia Mobile could start selling :).

Nokia 2660 Flip was launched just recently, and now it is available to buy in Lush Green in the UK today for £64.99 from Nokia.com/phones.


Would you like to test Nokia 2660 Flip for yourself? Let me know and I can send you a sample!